Football Shirt Shops For Fans

Football shirts are very easy to find almost everywhere; there are numerous stores in bigger or smaller malls, department or gaming shops, or even online stores. Some football shirt shops give you the option to order the shirt of your favorite team, if they run out of it for some reason, or if you have any particular requirements. Most football teams and corporate groups sponsor the manufacturing and sales of their shirts, since they get a percentage of the overall sales revenues worldwide.

Sport memorabilia have always been popular. In older times fans could find only small items representing their team; a scarf, a flag, a hat or a T shirt with the colors and logo of their favorite team. It was in late 70s that the original football shirt became a trend; this trend kept increasing with the years and an entirely new world open for the football shirt shops and market. Many fans are obsessed with owning authentic shirts, made from the same fabric as the original ones. Especially since 1993 where both the name and the number of the player appeared on the football shirt, this obsession became universal. Not only kids, but also adults want to have the shirt of their favorite player – in some cases the sales numbers of shirts carrying the name of particular players skyrocket. Players like Ronaldo, Beckham, or Kaka sell like crazy every year, although every season a new name might appear in each squad.

Fans keep the football shirts in high regard; the shirt represents their team and their passion, thus, many of them are ready to spend a considerable amount of money so as to buy the authentic one. Thankfully, last few years production of the original football team shirts became massive, which affected the prices significantly. Fans can now visit football shirt shops and buy the one they want in very affordable prices. If for some reason, though, you still cannot afford buying the real thing, there are many shops that sell low cost shirts or replicas. That is an easy way to get your own share in the fun and have something of your favorite team hanging on your wall.

Many football shirt shops give you the chance to order a fully customized shirt, in the case you want to put your favorite number and your own name on the shirt. Whether you are doing that for fun or because you are feeling like a true member and player of the team, shops can process all sorts of orders, no matter how complicated they are. Shops exist online as well; this gives the consumers a great advantage, since the wide range of options means that they can find better prices as well.

From the moment that teams and manufacturers understood what great financially opportunity that was, football shirts became extremely popular. Their sales go through the roof, especially when there are tournaments like the Euro or World Cup. Football shirt shops make sure that you can find what you need, whenever you need it.

How to Easily Make Money Selling Shirts Online

So you want to make money selling t-shirts. Thanks to the Internet, you can easily set up T-shirt shop in less than one hour from now — and make money — without any startup cost.

You see, there are websites out there that let you design your T-shirt — and they also ship and print out the t-shirt for you. All you have to do is drive customer to your online t-shirt shop and make the sale.

Of course it’s not all free because they take a commission for the T-shirt material and shipping handling. So you’re not making that big of a profit, you know what I mean?

Unless… you market your shirt in a special way and sell it for $50. Your profit would be $38 (The shop takes 12 dollars fee). If you are selling a T-shirt for $20 your profit would be … $8.

By the way, if you think this is hard to do — it’s not. All you have to do is upload a picture of the design you want, and then you should be able to “pasted on” the design on the shirt.

It’s very simple to do and you can get your T-shirt shop up and running in less than one hour. But let me warn you that you cannot print out shirts that are copyright material such as cartoon characters and corporate logos (nike etc)

There are many websites that offer the service. All you have to do is go to Google and type in “make my own t-shirts” to find the website.

Of course I think there are easier ways to make money on the Internet selling then T-shirts online. Why? Because the competition is tough and the profit isn’t that high. But it’s still good for beginners.