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Effective Online Christmas Shopping Tips

Sunday, July 23rd, 2017

It was 365 days ago when we had our unparalleled laughter, when we last received funny gifts from our friends and loved ones, when we last embraced our childhood friends and when we last attended numerous parties in our village. In a few days, the most celebrated festivity is about to happen again. Yes, Christmas is fast approaching! Brace yourself for another exceptional yet tiresome festivity.

Christmas makes us aware of our obligation to our fellowmen and above all to our faith to the Savior, Jesus Christ. It is the time for unselfish sharing of blessings we receive for the entire year. Giving gifts is one of the holiday’s activities that we give much time to. In connection with gift giving, another stressful activity that we tend to do during holiday season is Christmas Shopping. It is definitely one of the major Christmas activities as everybody seems to prepare gifts to their families, friends and relatives. However, Christmas Shopping as I have said earlier gives us so much stress. It is also time consuming because we devote hours in choosing what’s best for our love ones. Whenever we give gift, we tend to be very selective. This is because we want the receiver to appreciate all the details of our gifts. From simple Christmas cards, to colorful shirts, to personalized items, we always want them perfect. Being choosy for the gift items escalates our stress.

But don’t you know that you can still be choosy for the gift you want without leaving your home? Yes, that is exactly true! Nowadays, you can conveniently do shopping while doing your household chores or while you are leisurely sitting in your favorite sofa bed in your own houses. Thanks to technological advancement, we can now do shopping worldwide through online shopping. Internet has changed the shopping styles of people. In fact more people are now into online shopping as it lessens expenses and of course, stress and not to mention its advantage of favorably shopping directly from your own home. In fact, online stores offer the same basic services just like what we customarily observe in malls and department stores. If you want a shopping cart, online store can provide it for you, you only have to click the image of a push cart and fill it in with the images of the products that you want to purchase. Isn’t it very convenient?

We have prepared numerous practical Christmas online shopping tips for you. If you have not yet tried online shopping, these tips can be of great help to you.

Online Christmas Shopping Tip #1: Just simply prepare everything you want to buy.

To start your online shopping, it is proper to prepare a list of your shopping needs. This will not only saves time but will help your online shopping easy as possible. If you are unprepared, chances are, you will forget some important items you want to place on your online push cart. In addition, you can also shop around from one online store to another; this will help you compare better products and its prices. The idea of having a prepared list of items can also save a lot of money for shipping, because most online stores offer discounted or even free shipping of items.

Online Christmas Shopping Tip #2: Early shopper usually gets the best products.

Just like other shoppers, we always want to buy the best products. Both online and department stores have saleable products, which can be easily sold out, so if you want to grab the best online products from your favorite online store, shop early. You may begin your online shopping for the purpose of searching for the best items, let’s say, early September. For three months of looking for the best ones, you cannot be wronged for the prefect gifts you want to give. Just remember that online shopping is the same as physical shopping, some displayed items can be sold out immediately.

Online Christmas Shopping Tip #3: Be a vigilant shopper. Shop Safe.

Be aware that online shopping can be very risky. Online stores usually ask for your credit or debit card or even banking information, as mode of payments. So when you are shopping online, always examine the credibility of the websites. Be sure the website is secured and products are in good conditions. It is also important to read product reviews, if available and if you really care for your money, try to read the terms and conditions of the website, and its policy as well. Trust website that give enough care for your financial safety.

Online Christmas Shopping Tip #4: Let online store do the wrapping.

As I have always said, Christmas seems to be a time when almost all are busy. So, if after doing your online shopping, you do not still have time for gift wrapping, you can also ask the online store where you buy your items to do the wrapping for you. Online stores usually have extra services such as wrapping that require only a small fee for their additional service. You will be asked if you want your purchased items be gift wrapped and if you want them to be wrapped you will be redirected to options of bows and wrapper designs.

Online Christmas Shopping Tip #5: Check Delivery Dates.

It would be very disappointing if your ordered items arrive after Christmas. So, when placing your order, please focus on the possible delivery dates. If possible, ask a waiver or written agreement that your ordered items will arrive at expected date. In addition, ask for the complete information of the Shipping Company and if you have still time, research for its advantage and credibility. You ordered items can be delayed if the shipping company has negative delivery feedbacks. Remember that during holiday seasons, shipping companies are also busy, and it would impossible for them to deliver all the items all at once. To be sure, you decide for a delivery date and if possible make it earlier that your expected date of arrival.

Online Christmas Shopping Tip #6: How about sending Christmas Cards?

With so many products to choose from as your gifts to your families and friends, sending Christmas cards are sometimes disregarded. Perhaps, for a long time you have not anymore experienced reading a well-written personalized message of someone special to you through Christmas cards. Well, of course, you cannot explain the feelings while reading those Christmas cards’ messages. Don’t you know that there are still some fellows who love to receive Christmas cards, especially the traditional ones? Well, you can find them too in some online stores. Do you want a digital Christmas cards or do you prefer the plain and traditional Christmas cards? Well, all of these can be delivered to your “inbox” and mailbox. This service, of course, needs a small payment for the service.

Freelancers Starting Online T-Shirt Shops Face Five Frustrations

Sunday, July 16th, 2017

Opening a T-shirt shop online at a print-on-demand site seems an ideal way for writers to pick up an extra income stream. It costs next to nothing. All you do is create a graphics file with your design, upload it to the site, and collect a markup when someone has your design printed on a shirt. You can do text-only designs if you’re not comfortable with images. Alas, there are five big frustrations you may encounter in setting up your own T-shirt shop at a print-on-demand web site.

The first frustration is paying more than you have to to set up your shop. You should be able to do it for nearly free.

A second frustration is fighting with your image editor. Too simple an image editor will be too painful to use. A full-featured image editor may be hard to figure out.

The third frustration is not knowing what your customers want. These are self-expression products. You need to find out what sentiments people wish to express.

The fourth frustration is not knowing how to attract your customers to your shop. Having what people want doesn’t help if they can’t find you.

The fifth frustration is not knowing what designs people like. For example, people do not particularly like large, rectangular pictures dominating the design.

The way to get around the first frustration is twofold: first, get the GNU Image Manipulation Program, GIMP. It’s free and as powerful as you will ever need. Second, carefully choose the sites at which you set up your shops. You might want more than one store if you have incompatible product lines, family vs. adult-oriented for instance. For that you might prefer Printfection where you can create many shops free. Printfection has a reputation for high quality, but has rather few types of merchandise. If you do not intend to set up many stores, you may decide it is worth the $60 per year CafePress charges for each “premium” (i.e. adequate) store: you get a wide variety of merchandise to put your designs on, and their advertising brings a large number of customers through their marketplace. Zazzle is free, has many types of merchandise available, and does a reasonable amount of advertising.

A big problem with a powerful image editor is that you can get lost in the features. It is worth buying a book to tell you how to get started with it. There is information available on the web for free, but you may have trouble finding what you need presented simply enough.

One way to find out what customers want is to ask people, but that may give you too small and too biased a sample. Another approach is to find what keywords people type into search engines when they’re hunting for designs like yours. You can find this out for free, though at the cost of a little time, by using Google’s keyword tool and the Google search page. The keyword tool will suggest alternative keywords and will tell you how many times people search for particular phrases in an average month. The Google search page will give you an estimate of the number of web pages using the keyword phrase. If you find this process is too much effort, you can buy Micro Niche Finder or pay to use Wordtracker.

A way to attract customers to your shop is to use keywords effectively. You need to fill up your shop pages with good keywords, for example, using them in descriptions of your designs. More importantly, you need to get quality back links to your shop using those keywords in the anchor text. (That’s the colored text in a hyperlink.) You can get free back links by giving away information. You can post helpful advice at forums, you can post comments on blogs, you can put up pages at Hubpages or Squidoo, you can write e-zine articles, you can have your own blog. The most important thing in all of these is to give away useful information and not to try to sell. The links to your web site in your signature lines and resource boxes will bring you some visitors themselves. More importantly, they will spread links to your pages around the Net, telling the search engines both what’s at your store and that your store is important.

A good way to find out what designs people like is to ask people. Join the forum at your host site. Post your designs and ask for comments. The shopkeepers there are usually happy to offer suggestions and encouragement. You can also ask people you know on- or off-line.

There are definitely things that can frustrate you when you set up your own print-on-demand T-shirt shop, but you can do things to relieve those frustrations.

Online Golf Shopping Vs Golf Stores

Sunday, July 9th, 2017

This is a tough decision for many golfers… Where to make the next purchase of golf gear, online or at brick and mortar golf stores? Well, some equipment is fine for ordering online, however, certain golf gear purchases should be made in person. Here are some examples of where and when online golf shopping is appropriate and worthwhile.

The best deals in online golf are found for golf gear and soft goods. For example, things like golf apparel and golf umbrellas are very easy to buy online. Every golfer knows the brands they love and can order the appropriate size. Save money and buy them right from home at online golf stores or other retail websites. There is nothing to fear with golf gear purchases like those because there is no need to hold an umbrella or see if it feels right. Golf apparel from your favorite brand will fit just like the shirts you own or have seen at retail stores, but you will save money because online golf stores do not have the overhead expenses of an enormous retail golf store.

Another benefit of shopping for certain golf gear online is the immense variety and availability, especially when it comes to golf apparel and popular sizes. Physical golf stores have to limit their inventory and guess how many double extra larges to order for each style and season. There is no reason to shop for golf apparel only to be disappointed that the shirt you like is not available in your size. No problem when you shop online as factory direct shipping is available and inventories are gigantic. Also, look for deals and extra saving when you order a few pieces of golf apparel in one order. You could get free shipping or save money by having one large online golf order.

There are certain purchases that simply should be made in person. Golf clubs are the best example of this and there are two reasons for this. First is that you need to hold the golf club and really should hit a few shots with any club before you spend big money to put it in the bag. Brick and mortar golf stores provide you a place to do this, and online golf shopping simply cannot provide this kind of hands on experience. The second reason is that there is not much money to be saved anyway. Manufacturers put a minimum sale price on golf clubs so online golf retailers cannot blow the golf stores away with their prices. The manufacturers want you to hold and hit these clubs so you can make a good decision with your money.

Another note on brick and mortar golf stores is to consider the fact that most golf courses have a golf shop run by local PGA Professionals. They are usually small business owners and are also likely anxious to earn your business. Buying your golf clubs, golf balls, and golf apparel there will support them and small business. Though you may save a few bucks shopping elsewhere, they may also be willing to match prices and can provide industry insight and personal experience.