Online Shirt Shopping

Online Golf Shopping Vs Golf Stores

This is a tough decision for many golfers… Where to make the next purchase of golf gear, online or at brick and mortar golf stores? Well, some equipment is fine for ordering online, however, certain golf gear purchases should be made in person. Here are some examples of where and when online golf shopping is appropriate and worthwhile.

The best deals in online golf are found for golf gear and soft goods. For example, things like golf apparel and golf umbrellas are very easy to buy online. Every golfer knows the brands they love and can order the appropriate size. Save money and buy them right from home at online golf stores or other retail websites. There is nothing to fear with golf gear purchases like those because there is no need to hold an umbrella or see if it feels right. Golf apparel from your favorite brand will fit just like the shirts you own or have seen at retail stores, but you will save money because online golf stores do not have the overhead expenses of an enormous retail golf store.

Another benefit of shopping for certain golf gear online is the immense variety and availability, especially when it comes to golf apparel and popular sizes. Physical golf stores have to limit their inventory and guess how many double extra larges to order for each style and season. There is no reason to shop for golf apparel only to be disappointed that the shirt you like is not available in your size. No problem when you shop online as factory direct shipping is available and inventories are gigantic. Also, look for deals and extra saving when you order a few pieces of golf apparel in one order. You could get free shipping or save money by having one large online golf order.

There are certain purchases that simply should be made in person. Golf clubs are the best example of this and there are two reasons for this. First is that you need to hold the golf club and really should hit a few shots with any club before you spend big money to put it in the bag. Brick and mortar golf stores provide you a place to do this, and online golf shopping simply cannot provide this kind of hands on experience. The second reason is that there is not much money to be saved anyway. Manufacturers put a minimum sale price on golf clubs so online golf retailers cannot blow the golf stores away with their prices. The manufacturers want you to hold and hit these clubs so you can make a good decision with your money.

Another note on brick and mortar golf stores is to consider the fact that most golf courses have a golf shop run by local PGA Professionals. They are usually small business owners and are also likely anxious to earn your business. Buying your golf clubs, golf balls, and golf apparel there will support them and small business. Though you may save a few bucks shopping elsewhere, they may also be willing to match prices and can provide industry insight and personal experience.

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